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For awhile now, I've been asking two very simple questions when it comes to just about everything I put my hands to:




For too long I was asking the HOW before the WHAT which meant that the WHY had probably been left out.

Until I stumbled upon this little mantra.

Whether it's a film, a blog, performance piece, or an article, I start with these two questions. It drives everything I do.

When you ask yourself (like really, really ask) what story you want to tell, some things become very, very clear. Suddenly, you know where you're headed. You can see the final climactic scene. You know how you want people to feel.

Then, in the words of this lovely new video from Apple, you "craft around that intention."

After you know the story you want to tell, then you can begin thinking about the HOW.

As I mentioned, this has become more than just a way to make better art for screens, stages, and the like, but I'm realizing the mantra has permeated my entire life.

I want my life to tell a story of being a good dad and husband.


How do I want to tell that story?


The story is about a little girl named, Ruby and a giant named, Steve, who ironically share the same birthday.


This story is a short book illustrated by someone awesome.

You get the idea.

I know writers of all sort who, when they figure out what story they want to tell, write it on a post-it or something similar and place it where they work; where it will be seen and not forgotten.

Because these two questions have been so powerful for me in framing every story I tell, I wanted to do something similar. My problem is that I work everywhere. At my desk, on my phone, on the plane, at our dining room table, or in a coffee shop. I imagine the same goes for you.

And so, I commissioned a new friend, Keaton Price, a designer and art director in NYC, to create a set of wallpapers for the iPhone, iPad, and desktop. This way we'll always have the reminder wherever it is we do our work.

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