Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process - Revised & Expanded


"Blaine says it like it is and delivers the push we all need to do our greatest work."
- Scott Belsky, Founder and CEO of Behance

The blank page.

It has so much power.

Some days it's terrifying, sometimes thrilling, but mostly it's just plain old scary. It is the reason many people never finish that novel, or complete that project, or follow through with that one thing they used to dream about. Sadly, it is the reason many people never even begin.

UNTITLED will walk you through the creative process of attacking the blank page, executing vision, finding the importance of contemplation, fighting the battle with resistance, and learning from your failures.

In this revised and expanded edition, each chapter now ends with reflections and exercises to put it all into practice.

A trained actor, writer, producer, and filmmaker, Blaine shares the methods he has discovered over the years to unleash the power of the creative process in yourself and in the teams that you lead.


"Blaine Hogan layers depth and pointedness, observation and aspiration into each essay. His practical contemplation of the creative process provides an effective mirror for anyone wanting to do brilliant work."
- Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative

"If you read this book, be warned. The genius and art locked inside you will be shipped. Blaine has an innate, uncanny understanding of the creative process and his manifesto UNTITLED outlines it perfectly."
- Clay Herbert, Chief Engagement Officer of Tribes Win

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with artists for almost four decades. Blaine Hogan is one of the most thoughtful, spiritual and hard working creatives I have had the privilege of teaming up with. This short primer is bulging with values and ideas that will make every serious minded artist better."
- Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church

"UNTITLED is a full body workout. By the last page my neck was sore from repeated nods of agreement and my hand was cramped from furious note taking. Hogan speaks with unflinching honesty about the harsh demands of the creative process. His brilliance lies not only in his practical inventory of the daily disciplines required to hone your craft, but in his courage to speak to the daunting inner journey the creative must make en route to artistic excellence as well. Highly recommended!"
- Ian Morgan Cron, speaker and author of Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me: A Memoir of Sorts and Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim's Tale